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As the broker and proprietorof Longtown Realty, I’ve witnessed it all. Everything can go wrong in the real estate business, from insane bidding battles to unanticipated repairs, I’ve discovered. But trust me, we thought we’d seen it all until our client came to us to sell this house and the bank unintentionally winterized it, causing thousands of dollars worth of water damage.
The home had evolved into a potential site for litigation. I felt like I needed a law degree to deal with it. Yet I was determined to sell that house no matter what. In one instance, a bank mistake led to rising water.

Our client had invested a significant amount of time and money in having the water damage professionally repaired so that it could be offered “as is” to an investor. We were aware that we needed to locate the ideal investor who could appreciate the property’s potential and breathe new life into it. It was difficult, but I was ready for the task. I mean, I’ve been known to accept one or two challenges in the past.

After months of effort, we successfully concluded the sale. Both the investor and our client were ecstatic that the transaction had gone through and that they would be able to refurbish the house. I needed to take a break since it seemed like we had just scaled Mount Everest.
But Longtown Realty is devoted to doing just that. We don’t give up even when things are difficult. We persist because we’re committed to fulfilling the wishes of our customers. Even when things are difficult, we continue to smile.

Therefore, stop by Longtown Realty if you want to buy or sell a home. We’ll make you grin and laugh, but most importantly, we’ll get the job done. We may even have a few amusing legal jokes in reserve just in case.


Living in Upper Marlboro, MD

Living conditions, demographics, transit options, schools, daycares, things to do, and homes for sale.

How “neighborly” a place is can be fairly predicted by looking at its demographics. With 81% owner-occupied homes and an average household size of 2.5 people, Upper Marlboro has a neighborhood vibe.

The amenities in an area may also influence whether it’s a suitable location to live. A high walk score indicates that many establishments, including shops, eateries, coffee shops, schools, and more, are close by. The results offer a good indication of “things to do” in and around those locations, even though they are by no means flawless. Your daily lives can be greatly affected by factors like being close to food stores, restaurants, and parks.

Also, Upper Marlboro, MD residents have access to a wide variety of dining establishments, including Mrs. K’s Hotel and Restaurant, 301 Nutrition Spot, Auction Café, and more. Residents adore ordering burgers from McDonald’s, Nipsey’s Restaurant & Grill, or Starbucks, as well as tacos from America’s Best Wings or Fanci Catering 2 U. Some excellent locations for a pleasant dine-in experience include McDonald’s, Auction Café, or China Restaurant.

There are many grocery stores in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, including Lauer’s Iga, Antioch’s Hope Center, and E & A Candies.